A complete guide to Vehicle Steering System

Steering is a must-have system for any car. After all, how can you drive the car to a destination without steering?

A vehicle steering system is associated with its front two wheels. The driver has full control over these two wheels and can direct them on the left and right. This way the car can steer in different directions and you will reach your destination.

Over the years this system has received huge upgrades and changes. Want to know about them? Then read our guide now. We will be talking about three different types of steering systems and their advantages and disadvantages.

How Does Vehicle Steering System Work?

There are two basic types of steering systems. Manual rack and pinion steering and power steering (electronic and hydraulic).

Both have similarities in their steering mechanism. Let us start by explaining the rack and pinion steering system.

The rack and pinion steering system is the traditional steering system of vehicles. It uses the force of your hand for steering. There is no motor and hydraulic for assisting. All classical vehicles and some SUVs have this type of steering system.

The mechanism of this system has a steering wheel locked with a plain rack. The rack is connected with both front wheels. The end of the steering wheel has a gear, known as the pinion. When you turn the steering wheel, this gear will rotate and push the rack in your rotating direction. This will turn the wheels and the vehicle will go in that direction.

The power steering system also works in the same principle. But instead of the pinion rotating the rack, the motor and the hydraulic push the rack and steer the wheel.

Don’t know which type of steering system your car has? Then call in a Vehicle Maintenance agency.

Different Types Of Steering System

There are two basic types of steering systems. Manual steering system and power steering system. Manual steering systems do not have many variations. But the power steering system has three different variations. Hydraulic, Electronic, and Electro-Hydraulic.

Manual Steering System

A manual steering system uses a pinion and rack system steering. It uses the force of your hand. There is no power assist. The driver can feel the steering of the wheels directly. Any sudden change in the steering wheels can also transfer throughout the mechanism to the steering wheel. It can damage the driver’s hand.

Hydraulic Steering System

The hydraulic steering system uses an engine-driven pump to operate the hydraulics. A sensor detects the movements of the steering wheel and adjusts the steering wheel accordingly.

Electronic Steering System

The electronic steering system uses electrical motors for steering. These motors take energy from the car battery. So better have a strong battery equipped in your car. If you are not sure of what battery to use, then call Car Inspection in Edmonton, CA. They will equip you with the best car battery for your electric steering system.

Electro-Hydraulic Steering System

The Electro-Hydraulic system is the most advanced steering system. In this system, hydraulics are the main steering system. The electric motors are there fr small adjustments in the steering system.

When the steering wheels change their direction from external forces(wind, gravity), the sensors in the electric motors detect that and within a few milliseconds, it adjusts the wheels in the right direction.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Types of the steering system

Now that we know about different steering systems, let us talk about their advantages and disadvantages.

Manual Steering System


  • The direct feel of the steering wheels

The steering wheel is connected directly with the front wheels.

  • No engine power is required

The only force required to steer the wheels is your muscles. Use your muscles to steer the wheels.

  • No risk of electrical malfunction

As there is no electrical component in this system, there is no risk of electrical malfunction.


  • Risk of hand injury

Any sudden change of direction of the steering wheel from the outside force will turn the steering wheel super fast. This will cause your hands to move fast and it can cause injuries. Broken bones in the worst-case scenario.

  • Not suitable for heavy vehicles

It would be impossible to steer a heavy truck with this system.

  • No DIY repair

Although the steering system is basic, do not attempt to self-repair it. Call Steering System repair in Edmonton, CA for repairs.

Hydraulic Steering System


  • Strong steering system

The hydraulics are very strong. It can withstand any outside force. Thus it is the most strong steering system.

  • Better steering control

Hydraulics are controlled by computers. The computer records the movement of the steering wheel and adjusts the hydraulics precisely.

  • Faster steering

The hydraulics can move quite faster because of the engine pump. Thus it gives you a faster response in tight traffic.


  • Uses engine power

The hydraulics uses an engine-driven pump for operating. Thus it drives power from the engine.

  • Slight deviation due to outside force

Although the hydraulic is the strongest steering system, it can get slightly deviated due to outside forces like wind and gravity.

Electronic/Electric Power Steering System


  • Precise steering control

The electric motor is computer-controlled. It can give you precise steering control.

  • Faster response

The electric motor can respond in a few milliseconds.


  • Draws energy from car battery

The motor uses electricity from the car battery. A weak battery can cause failure.

  • Motor replacement

The motors are hard to repair. Replacing is the better choice. Call Steering system replacement service Edmonton, CA for further instructions.

Electro-hydraulic systems


  • Most advanced steering system

Uses hydraulics for primary steering and motors for adjustments.

  • Adjusts deviations in steering

Slight deviations from wind and gravity get adjusted with computer-controlled motors.


  • Draws engine and battery power

The hydraulics draw energy from the engine and the motor drives energy from the battery.

  • Complex repairing

Since it is an advanced steering system, the Mobile Mechanic service in Edmonton, CA won’t work. You will need to take the car to a garage for repairs.


So that was all about the vehicle steering systems. Throughout the years it has got quite an upgrade. Now, most of the vehicles have power steering. Yours might have one too.

Whatever system your car has, we hope that our guide has satisfied your thirst for knowledge.

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