Common Reasons for Car Lockout Scenarios

The possibility of being locked out of one’s car occurs as a common occurrence. We understand how intimidating it may be and how it can make us feel foolish.

Here, we’ll go over the most common reasons for car lockouts so that we can raise awareness and avoid falling victim to them in the future. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at them!

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Utilizing a Car Lockout Kit To Get Keys Out

There’s a potential that you won’t be able to find your extra key during a car lockout. You can use car lockout kits to help you in such situations.

This is a quick way to unlock the automobile and an alternative to calling a locksmith for car lockout assistance. We’re going to show you the benefits and drawbacks of using a car lockout kit to get your keys out.



When it comes to choosing a lockout kit, the price might be a major consideration. You can quickly unlock your car and use it, again and again, with a kit. Furthermore, purchasing rather than renting locksmith services is more cost-effective.

Get to Work Instantly

Lockout kits might help you save time. For example, there may be no locksmith services available in your area, or they may take time to arrive and do the task. As a result, if you have this kit, you may easily do it yourself in no time.


Improper Utilization Leads to Car Damage

The incorrect use of the lockout kit can result in a range of issues. You risk scratching the soreness or damaging the locking mechanism. As a reason, if you’re not confident in your abilities, it’s best to get locksmiths from Emergency Roadside Assistance Calgary, AB.

The Kit Doesn’t Perform on Every Car

Every car manufacturer in the post-modern period is assuring an extra layer of security to deter robbers and thieves from stealing into the car. If your car has a sophisticated lock system, the lockout kit will not work for you.

Exactly How Do Locksmiths Open A Car?

We are frequently curious as to how a locksmith accesses a car. Here are some examples of how they do it.

Unlocking Keyless Entry by Reprogramming

A locksmith performs reprogramming to unlock a car using their abilities and knowledge. After that, you can unlock your car without causing any damage to it.

Getting the Broken Key Out

It’s possible that your key will break and become stuck inside the automobile lock. The locksmith can execute broken key extraction with the help of broken key extraction. They then create a new key that may be used to unlock the car.

Getting into the Car with Keyless Entry technology

Using a key analyzer or a passkey decoder is another approach to gain access to a keyless entry vehicle. A mechanical code key cutter will be used by locksmiths from Mobile Vehicle Mechanic service Calgary, AB to establish a new key. You can also unlock your car with the new key.

Using Slim Jim

Slim Jim can be used by locksmiths to open a vehicle. They expertly place it between the window and the weather stripping of your car’s window to unlock it. It can, however, damage the airbag mechanism and electrical system if not handled properly.

Unlocking Vintage Cars

Because the lock button sits near the inner panel of the door, “J” tools can be utilized for antique cars. “L” tools are also utilized in some circumstances; however, this varies by car model.

Re-flashing of the Immobilizer

To avoid threats, many cars have immobilizers installed. If the immobilizer develops a fault, the automobile will not start even with the key. To start your car, the locksmith will employ an immobilizer re-flashing.

Exactly How to Stop a Car Lockout Scenario from Ever Happening

Before we can take steps to prevent car lockouts, we must first understand what causes them. The following are the primary causes for this:

Missing Car Keys

Forgetting or misplacing car keys is the most prevalent cause of car lockout. In such circumstances, it’s critical to record the vehicle’s identification number, make, model, and year from the vehicle log books and registration documents.

Drainage of Smart Fob Battery

A fob is an electrical component found in every transponder key. Due to battery drain, the fob may occasionally fail to unlock the car door. This can be easily rectified by replacing the cover or inserting a new battery.

Worn or Clogged Lock

The ability to use the lock is hampered when dirt accumulates inside it. This wears down and clogs the lock, resulting in a lockout situation.

Non-functioning Key Fob

An error in the fob of a key causes it to lose all of its programming. The only solution to this issue is requesting a new key from the dealer or locksmith from Mobile Vehicle Mechanic service Calgary, AB.

Theft Attempt

Attempted car theft is a typical occurrence in our area. When attempting a robbery, robbers frequently break the car’s ignition and locks, rendering the vehicle unusable. The only option is to install a new ignition barrel or door lock.

We can avoid a car lockout scenario now that we know the probable causes of a car lockout. Simply follow the instructions below to avoid a car lockout scenario.

Building Healthy Habit

In these situations, a key chain can be really useful. The key chain allows you to connect something valuable to it, ensuring that you do not lose your keys. It may also be possible to connect it to your clothing, wallet, or handbag.

Another thing you can do is make sure you have your car keys with you whenever you leave the vehicle. It’s also advantageous when it comes to having the key close at hand.

Having a Spare Car Key on Hand

Having a spare key can help you survive more serious problems in the event of an emergency. Keep a spare set of keys at home and give one to a loved one so that you can contact them in an emergency.

Using Tags and Technologies

Some devices can be attached to your automobile keys. You may sync them with your smartphone to keep track of your keys in case you misplace them. You can also attach a label on your car keys with your name and phone number. This makes it simple for others to recognize you.

Unlock Your Car with these Easy Actions

When we lose our car keys inside the car, we often get clueless on how to reach it. As a result, we tend to break the window to reclaim the keys! Thanks to these easy accesses, you don’t have to do that anymore.

Using Automated Locks

Inserting a space in the door and prodding can readily unlock cars with automated locks. This does not affect your car, but you’ll need a nice wedge and a poker to execute it.

Unlocking a Car with Manual Locks

To unlock the car, you must pull up the locking pin, which is akin to unlocking an automated lock. You can accomplish so by tying the car lock to a coat hanger. When unlocking the automobile, make sure you utilize the passenger side door.

Unlocking Through the Trunk

If your trunk is open, you can easily unlock the car by reaching out to the emergency cord. The emergency cord is situated on the roof of the trunk or in the trunk door. Pull the cord and it’ll open the back passenger door for you to enter the car.


It’s natural for us to lock the door after forgetting our car keys inside. We are, after all, all humans! However, if we know how to act in such situations, getting out of a car lock situation can be much simpler.

And now that we’re familiar with the most common reasons for car lockouts scenarios and how to get out of them, we won’t be as anxious the next time something similar happens.

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