How Do You Get Tires Unstuck From Ice?

I hope you’re all staying warm! With the cold weather, your car is likely sitting in a layer of ice right now. You might be wondering how to get tires unstuck from the ice. The best way to avoid this problem is by keeping your tires properly inflated during the winter months and not driving on icy surfaces when possible. If for some reason you find yourself stuck in the snow with no help in sight, here are some tips for getting out.


How do I remove ice from under my tires step by step?


1.) Put the car in park or neutral, or if it’s an automatic, put the car in drive.


2.) Turn your steering wheel as far as you can in the direction you want your tires to go. If you are trying to get out of a small patch of ice onto dry ground, just turning your front wheels may help. The back wheels will likely still be stuck because they have no traction on ice. For this situation, try rocking forward and backward between drive and reverse while keeping your foot on the gas pedal until you gain enough momentum to briefly break free from the ice. Once you can move forward or backward slightly, keep trying incremental movements until you are completely off the ice surface.


3.) Rocking will not get you out of a situation where all four tires are stuck on ice. In this case, start by turning your steering wheel as far as possible in the opposite direction you want to go (i.e., if you want to go left, turn right but keep your foot on the gas pedal). The front wheels will likely still be pointing left and the back wheels will point right since they have no traction. To move forward or backward, use quick “jabs” of acceleration rather than full power because it’s easier to lose control and spin out when driving over ice with limited traction. Once you gain just enough momentum to break free from the ice, immediately straighten out your steering wheel so that all four tires can gain traction and propel you forward or backward.


4.) If you try rocking and need to move in a straight line, it may be helpful to turn your steering wheel as far as possible in the direction you wish to go before beginning your attempt at gaining traction on ice with acceleration. This will allow for greater control of where you are going once the car begins moving. Use gentle motions when accelerating so that momentum doesn’t carry you too far off course. If necessary, you can also consider shifting into reverse since it will limit how fast you go (i.e., less momentum). If this still does not work, put your car in neutral, but keep your foot on the gas pedal so your wheels won’t stop spinning while you try rocking again.


5.) When all else fails, it’s time to call the police or an automobile service for help. You can also try waiting in your car with your heater on until you can receive assistance from another driver or a tow truck.


With these potential solutions, hopefully, you will be on your way again soon! Keep warm and safe!




1.) Remove packed snow from the wheel.


2.) Pour sand or cat litter on the ground surrounding the tire to improve traction. DO NOT pour inside your tire as it may damage the inner tube.


3.) Use a rock or other heavy object to break up ice stuck to tire treads, then wipe clean with a cloth or paper towel


4.) Consider driving slower and reduce sudden movements of the steering wheel which could cause loss of control if tires lose grip on the pavement beneath them.


5.) Increase following distance between you and other cars, especially large trucks, buses, and RVs whose tires “plow” through significant amounts of snow (or worse yet, mud) leaving behind hidden ice patches that are difficult to see until it’s too late.


6.) If you feel that your wheels are spinning in place, do not continue to accelerate and risk losing control of steering — instead use the emergency brake to decrease momentum and allow tires to gain traction again before accelerating gradually.


7.) Never stop where other drivers will have difficulty seeing you, such as on top of a crest or hill. Pull off the road until conditions improve and help arrives if necessary. It’s better to be late than dead!


8.) Consider buying snow tires (see reference) with deep grooves and specialized rubber compounds that allow for more grip on slippery surfaces like ice; however, you must know how to drive with snow tires before traveling in wintry weather conditions. This may not be as “cheap” as regular tires but could save your life and the lives of those you love.


9.) If you absolutely must travel on icy roads, consider putting together an emergency kit with blankets, food and water, first aid supplies, jumper cables, flares, and other safety items to prevent harm from coming to yourself or others. Doing so will also make it easier for drivers who pass by to see your vehicle if they can’t stop in time before slipping on ice patches where you are parked.


10.) Keep a shovel inside your car with fabric or paper towels to help remove snow from the wheel’s inner treads which may have been covered by plowed snow piled up alongside the road during winter weather conditions. In some cases, you may need to use the plow on the front of your car to clear away enough packed snow surrounding tire treads to allow for some grip. Remember that while this may be your only option if you are stuck with no help available (take the car out of gear or reverse into it), it can also cause you to lose control and even make matters worse!


11.) If all fails, and your car needs help getting out of ice, please contact an auto service center rather than doing it yourself. We can check for common problems like flat tires, dead batteries, stuck gas pedals, and other difficulties which may be causing your vehicle to remain immobile on the side of the road where traffic is passing by!


I hope you take away a few things from this article:


I hope that you have learned something new today about getting your tires unstuck from the ice. It is very important to know how to get out of this situation before it happens, especially when winter weather conditions are in play. However, if you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation where you are stranded on an icy road or off-roading in the snow, hopefully, these tips will help you get back on track safely. If not, please remember that it is never a good idea to try and handle such things alone! Make sure that you contact an auto service center for assistance instead of trying things yourself given how easily mishaps can happen in these situations.