Things to Consider Before Buying Car Battery

Car batteries are the most crucial part of a car engine. You may have a fully maintained engine with the latest part and a full fuel tank to run it. But without a battery, you cannot start it.

The battery is like the heart of the car engine. It generates the sparks and boosts required to start and run a car engine. So we should definitely not overlook the part of choosing a car battery.

So here we are with some helpful tips for choosing your next car battery. We will guide you about choosing battery type, size, and how long you expect them to last. We will also share some tips on battery repair. So let us begin.

What type of battery should I choose?

In the past, there was only one type of battery available for automobiles, lead-acid batteries. But now, we have different types of batteries made with different types of materials.

The new technological advanced batteries have made lead batteries obsolete. But still, we have lead-acid batteries available in the market for reasons.

Currently, the most common batteries are lead-acid batteries, gel batteries, and AGM batteries.

Lead-acid Battery

Lead-acid batteries are about a century old. The technology of it still remained unchanged. Only a few advancements are made to make them fit in modern cars. It uses a 75/15 water and acid solution.

When recharging, the water vaporizes by a small amount. But after quite a few charging cycles, the battery runs out of water and you will have to refill it. Thus they have caps on top.

These types of batteries can generate voltages from six to twelve (depending on cell number and size).

Gel Battery

Gel batteries are an upgraded version of the lead-acid battery. The acid solution is turned into a gel. This makes it spill proof and more secure.

The gel is silica-based. This gel can break from the vibrations created by the engine.

However, these gel batteries do not need any water refill. There is no water evaporation and leakage.

There is one drawback to the gel battery and that is its charging time. Gel batteries need more time than the traditional lead-acid battery for recharging. So, it is not an idle choice.

AGM Battery

AGM stands for absorbed glass mat. This is the most advanced battery for cars. It has increased voltage and discharge amount. The highest voltage recorded for AGM batteries is 14.7 volts.

The best part about this battery is that it can be recharged 15% faster than the lead-acid battery.

So, considering all the factors about voltage, discharge amount, recharge time, and maintenance, we think you should choose an AGM battery for your car.

What Size Car Battery Do I Need?

You may realize that different cars have differently sized batteries. So what’s yours? What is the size required for your car battery? Don’t know?

Then follow this small guide.

  1. Grab your owner manual

So, the first thing you should try is to grab your car’s owner’s manual. It should contain all the information and specifications about your car. Try to find your car’s battery size in it. It is either a number or a combination of numbers and letters. If you can’t follow the next step.

  • Take a look at the current battery

Pop the hood of the car and have a look at the battery. The topside of the battery should have the size printed on it. Still couldn’t find it? Follow the next step.

  • Contact a car inspection agency

Call in any car inspection agency like Car inspection in Edmonton, CA. There should be one in every area. Contact them, have your car inspected and they will tell you all the information you need.

You can even call a Car Battery Replacement service for the information.

  • Contact your nearest dealership

Your last resort would be to visit a car dealership. They have all the information about cars. They will be able to tell your car battery size in no time.

So, try to know your car battery size with these means. This information is required when you are buying a replacement battery online.

Replacing your car battery in a local shop like an Auto vehicle mechanic in Edmonton, CA will not require that information. The mechanics will be able to tell the battery size.

How Long Do Car Batteries Last?

A car battery’s lifespan is dependent on its use and the weather condition.

Driving in cold environments will reduce the battery’s lifespan.

The usage pattern also matters. If you do not fully recharge your battery regularly, it may deteriorate sooner. Also leaving the battery charged in a dormant stage will damage it. The extended period will make the battery discharge and break down. But recharging it will make it run again.

No matter what you do, the battery will deteriorate. It is okay until it is not good enough to start the car. Usually, that happens after three to five years.

How to fix your flat car battery?

Honestly speaking, there is no way of fixing a flat battery. Some may say that they have revived a flat battery using a jumpstart, but those are not actually flat batteries. Flat batteries don’t revive in jumpstarts. They are dead, forever.

How can you be sure of having a flat battery? Check your engine thoroughly, check the wheels and try to start the car. Try to jump-start it if you want, but we will not recommend it.

If any of these measures did not start the car, then you have a flat battery. Don’t worry, it is a common thing. What you should do here is call in an agency like Car Battery Repair in Edmonton, CA. These types of agencies will take your car to their garage and fix the battery.

If you are stuck on your way and don’t have the time to visit a garage, then call in mobile services like Mobile Vehicle Repair Service in Edmonton, CA. They will bring the necessary tools with them to repair or replace your car battery.


Car batteries are the main starter of the car. Without them, you cannot ignite the engine and drive. Thus, be careful when choosing a car battery. Don’t hesitate to buy the best battery just for its price. Trust us, it will be worth it.

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